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Ascot launch the GF Graphite Series into the Stockist market

The news many of our distributors have been waiting for, that unfortunately was delayed by 12 months due to COVID-19, has finally come to be a reality. The Ascot Graphite Electric Radiators, will now be available for the 2021/22 heating season.

Previously reserved for projects or large bulk orders only, we have invested in creating finished stocks to support you all throughout the coming season.

Many of our larger Ascot stockists such as Alert Electrical in the Midlands, and CEF have already placed their orders ready for the coming Autumn launch.

We are excited to finally be able to offer this beautiful range of graphite heaters at volume, across the United Kingdom as early as this September.

The range will be available in both the Digital and Smart Home Wi-Fi versions, with sizes ranging from 1000W (6 elements) to our 1800W (11 elements) versions.

Our extremely popular FREE heating design service will continue throughout the entire season, and ensure that you always have the right radiator for every room.

Pre-programming services are also available should you not wish to work through the menus to program them, and simply want to plug your radiator in and enjoy the benefits.


If you'd like more information on any of the Ascot range including our new graphite products, towel rails, panel heaters and more; call us on 029 2130 3709 or email us at


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