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Electric Heating of the future is here today!

With the announcement of the imminent gas ban on new build properties from 2025 onwards, everyone is looking for a new innovative, greener, cheaper way to heat their homes, offices and public spaces such as nursing homes, schools and more.

LOT20 legislation, which came into effect in January 2018 saw a shift in the standard of electric heating solutions available on the market as they have to now comply with new European EcoDesign standards. What this means for homeowners now is that any electric heater fitted will actually have to pass certain economical standards to ensure that it isn't just more energy-efficient than its predecessors but in turn has more technological features built into it, so that it saves the household money.

What does that mean for the heating industry and for the electrical industry alike, it means there is a huge opportunity for us to not only provide a better heating solution for every application but also grow our service offering far beyond a traditional panel or storage heater going forward on new build sites across the United Kingdom.

We have all heard about the surge and uptake in EV charging as people look for any way to reduce their household expenses and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. Electric heating allows you to achieve both (when using the right product). This is the same opportunity held with electric heating. With 100% efficiency rating electric heating is more energy-efficient than its traditional gas counterpart. With the rise in smart home requirements, electric heating such as the Ascot Wifi heaters can increase the efficiency and functionality of the home as adjustments can be made per room as required, ensuring there is no wasted energy consumption within the house or offices.

Efixx recently reviewed electric heating and declared it as one of the options that could see a new era of opportunity for electricians to further their offering to customers in there July Lockdown Live feed below:

We also believe the electric heating is a huge opportunity for all involved to improve the heating quality, efficiency and economical impacts whilst creating a huge opportunity for electricians all at the same time.

If you'd like to know more about our Ascot heating products or anything we can help you with on a heating question you may have, such as what size heaters you may need or LOT20 in general please get in touch we would love to help.


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