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Find out more about Ascot Heating from our General Manager

Learn about Ascot Heatings creation and products, in this in depth feature from our General Manger Paul Compton. He will answer your questions, where you can learn more about our energy efficient products plus our plans for the future.

Paul Compton - Ascot General Manager

Ascot Heating the company

Ascot heating, is based in Cardiff, Wales, and is a division of The PGL Group, which was founded in 2012. The company was created to provide the electrical industry with products of the highest certified quality through carefully selected stockist partners across the United Kingdom. Ascot Heating has been supplying electrical heating solutions to the UK since 2017. The Ascot range of electrical heating is designed for the professional market and is available through a huge variety of approved distributors across the United Kingdom. Towards the end of 2020, PGL decided that Ascot Heating needed a more focused approach in order to grow and achieve what we set out when launching the brand in 2017, and so on the 1st March this year, the Ascot division was created. Our goal here at Ascot Heating is to replace old fashioned inefficient gas and electric heating with brand new state of the art electric heating, coupled with the best in technology and materials to make the most energy efficient electric heating possible. Our range of fluid radiators, panel heaters and towel rails are second to none, and incorporate all the latest technology to ensure that they as efficient as possible, and that they comply to the LOT20 legislation.

Who we work with and how we work as a company

Here at Ascot Heating we work with electrical contractors, architects, designers, end users, electrical wholesalers, builders, developers and anyone who has a need for energy efficient electric heating. Using a range of sources from simple room dimensions to floor plans and architects drawings, Ascot Heating provide a free bespoke heating scheme to meet the requirements of the customer. We recommend that our customers request us to produce this heating scheme to make sure that the correct heaters are specified, so that they are getting the maximum efficiency from the heaters. In the short time Ascot heating has been around we have worked with many different sectors from hotels to office blocks, apartment blocks to single dwellings through to multiple dwelling developments. We have also provided safe energy efficient heating to primary schools and nursing homes, where the safety of the occupants are paramount.

Our heating solutions

Here at Ascot we have tried to think of everything we can to give the end user the best experience possible. Our heating solutions have a compact design, making them smaller and lighter than other aluminium heaters in the market. The compact nature of the heaters has been been achieved, whilst not sacrificing performance. It also provides the additional benefits of saving on both raw material and the amount of energy required to efficiently heat your home. Ascot heaters are easy to install, by using the 13a plug top that comes wired into the heater, through a fused connection unit or 20A switch, which musty be installed by a qualified electrician. This allows businesses, homeowners, councils and developers the chance to either replace old, inefficient heating, with up to date, modern energy efficient heaters, or install them into new build properties, with minimum effort or disruption. As well as this, end users want stylish, modern looking and convenient heating solutions, and here at Ascot we put as much time and effort into the aesthetics as we do the technology.

In this ever changing world we live differently, and strive for more control over our products, you can have that with Ascot WiFi enabled heaters. Using various methods like smart phone, laptop, and even Amazon Alexa you can control your heating remotely, meaning you can adjust the temperature, turn the heating on and off while you are away, perfect for second home owners or people that rent out holiday homes. When a guest has checked out you can simply go onto the app and turn off any heaters left on, and also make sure the property is pre warmed for new guests. You can also keep a check on costs and efficiency using the app. Ascot electric heating can be cheaper to install and last longer than the average gas central heating system. As they are purely electric, you can ensure the safety of family, guest or employees as there is no carbon monoxide gases or the chance of burst pipes. Although the biggest factor is cost, our products are 100% efficient at the point of use, and translates as for every pound spent on heating you get heat.

What do our customers think of us?

We have found that the majority of our customers and the end users are pleasantly surprised at how easy our heaters are to install and program.

We have received some great feedback from end users, and it is always great to hear how they are finding our products, with many recommending them to friends and family.

Here at Ascot we also take customer feedback very seriously, whether it be improvements to our instruction manuals, product design, accessing information on our website or anything else that might crop up, All feedback is given the same level of consideration which we see as an aid to helping us improve and grow.

How has heating changed in the last few years?

The heating market, and in particular the electric heating market has been moving at a rapid pace in recent years. Our range of electric heating was based around the LOT20 legislation, so we knew we could design a product that would not only meet the standards LOT20 were setting out but exceed them, while still bringing to market an aesthetically pleasing, competitively priced product.

We are proud of the service we offer, and what makes our heating solutions so successful down to the time and effort our projects team put into the heating schemes we produce on any application that needs one, from a 3 bedroom apartment to a storage unit with multiple offices attached. The scheme takes into account a variety elements to make sure that the correct size heater is installed.

What does Ascot Heatings future look like?

Over the last 4 years Ascot has grown and taken its place amongst the established heating brands, growing our market share at an unprecedented rate, with the next 5 years promising to be just as exciting as we look to increase our product portfolio and gain more of that market share. Technology is always evolving and as a company we want to be at the forefront of these advances. People are becoming more aware of their energy use and their individual impact on the worlds environment, and also their bank balances! So whilst focusing on research and development we must continually evaluate and improve our products and how we as a company ensure our customers are getting the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly products available. People use Ascot because we always aim to provide the best possible service but always try to retain a personal touch, as every job is different. We have also been keeping a close eye on changes to SAP10, which now take into account the amount of renewable energy being generated, this we believe would have a positive effect on how developers and build contractors perceive electric heating as an option.

To learn more about our company and our products please visit where you will find find information about the products we sell, informative how to videos and our Approved Distributor and Installer programs.

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