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Why electric heating is helping create a better tomorrow

The climate, the planet needs our help. In fact the Climate Change Act 2008 is a legal framework which binds us all to comply with international (and EEC) agreements to reduce carbon footprint/output.

All gas boilers must be replaced by low-carbon heating systems in new homes built after 2025. We all have to be committed and there is no doubt that fossil fuels and gas will be phased out of our homes making the decision to move to a primary electric system like Ascot fluid radiators an easy one. For all of us the decision is quite simple - the sooner the better.

Carbon Zero isn't something that will achieved in a matter of days, weeks or months. In fact it will take a number of years, and a completely alternative outlook on how we produce and use everyday items, including the heating of your home.

Electric is the most stable and renewable source of energy we currently have on a large scale that can help us turn the tide against climate change and strive to live in a world that is better than when we found it.

At Ascot, we chose to enter the fight against climate change almost 5 years ago now with our 100% efficient range of electrical radiators. Quickly educating businesses, landlords, local authorities and home owners that new electric heating solutions won't just save the planet, they can also save the household money.

There are so many sustainable alternative solutions currently available in most areas of our day to day lives, however, it will require each of us to make that positive step to choose to upgrade and improve our world, one day at a time.


To find out how you can make stride towards becoming carbon zero in your day to day life, there is a vast amount of support available at


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