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Learn the in's and outs of your heater
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We are constantly looking to improve your experience with all of our products and have begun creating a series of HOW TO videos to help you through the installation of your Ascot Electric heaters.


If you have a specific question that isn't currently covered in the series please to do not hesitate to call our offices or submit your questions via our website as one of our helpful staff will be able to support you through the process. 

Manually Setting Your customised ASCOT Heater programs for your home or office

This video gives you a brief run-through on how to use the customisable user programs to create the exact heating schedule you want for your home or office.

ASCOT heating has two types of programs, pre-set programs (9) and user programs (3). This ensures that you can create the exact requirements for your family or client

(Presented by Paul Compton)

Selecting a Pre-Set ASCOT Heater Program that best suits you

Within our 9 Pre-set programs that are built into your heaters, you are able to quickly select and change the heater's settings for most requirements.

These have been carefully designed with all sorts of households and offices in mind. 

Should you not find one that suits your needs please create your own with our User programs of which there are three available for you. 

(Presented by Paul Compton)

Factory Resetting your ASCOT heater

If in the event you wish to reset your ASCOT heater to its factory settings this can also be done. 

Simply follow these simple steps and the heaters current settings will be cleared from the memory and your heater will be as it was when you first purchased it.

(Presented by Paul Compton)

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