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Boskenwyn School, Helston

Having partnered with an electric heating installer in the Devon and Cornwall area, one of the first projects that was undertaken was at Boskenwyn School in Helston.

Being that Boskenwyn is a primary school, the main focus was to provide a cost effective, safe heating solution. Using our Ascot Digital Fluid Radiators we were able to supply, not only an efficient way of heating the school, but with the added benefit of our Low Surface Temperature (LST) setting, there is no risk to the children or staff should any accidents happen.

The school were also impressed at how aesthetically pleasing the heaters were, and also the ease at which each individual heater can be controlled, further enhancing the efficiency of them.

We are currently working on several more heating projects with the installer, using our heaters on several different types of installation, from private homes, holiday homes and even holiday parks.


ASCOT Fluid radiators to adapt the room temperature outside of the pre-set program. So that if you're facing a colder day than anticipated you do not have to reset the programs. The program will automatically resume to its original setting the following day. Saving the need for staff to adjust them everyday. The controls can be locked should you not wish this function to be enabled.

Boskenwyn School Case Study
Download PDF • 10.19MB


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